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j->Cast is a live video streaming system which allows you to stream live videos from your computer, webcam or mobile Android device via the j->Cast videoserver.



There is a new j->Cast Android-Client (v. 1.0a) and j->Cast Server (v. 1.0a) available ! You can download it here: Downloads


First public release of the j->Cast Dedicated Server, j->Cast Client and j->Cast Android Client ! You can download it here: Downloads


I've uploaded screenshots of the new Android-Client. There is also a new serverlist available, which lists all public servers. I will upload the binary files for pc-client, android-client and server very soon.


Website is online. Downloads are disabled at the moment. I will update the site as soon as possible.

What you need:

- Download the dedicated j->Cast server and install it on a server system

- Download the j->Cast client software

- Start live streaming

Detailed information about how it works can be found here.


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